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About Avon Pickleball Club

Our Club has around 100 members and is a very friendly group - many of us stop for a coffee and a chat after Club sessions.  The main ethos of the Club is to welcome all who wish to join a friendly club to enjoy the positive health, exercise and social benefits of Pickleball, with many laughs along the way.  There is usually a lunch organised in the winter months for as many members as can make it.  We are starting to host tournaments, the first was in July 2023 and we hope to arrange more to cater for players of all abilities.


The Club currently runs morning sessions; weekly indoors at Thornbury Leisure Centre and  twice weekly outdoors at the Jubilee Centre in Bradley Stoke.
For members who like a more competitive game, we also have Graded Play at Thornbury on a Friday, where you will play with people of a similar standard whether that is basic improver level or more experienced. 
Beginners are encouraged to join the Friday sessions at Bradley Stoke.

The Club evolved from the Bristol Pickleball Club, which was started in early 2017, and by September 2017, the Bristol club had extended to running sessions in Bradley Stoke .  The Bradley Stoke group rapidly grew to over 40 members and in 2019 the new club was created, Avon Pickleball Club.  The Club has since added regular sessions at Thornbury Leisure Centre in addition to those at the Jubilee Centre in Bradley Stoke.

For day-to-day communication we use WhatsApp groups and there is an Avon Pickleball Club Facebook group.

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